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WELCOME to ISA-95.com


ISA-95.com is the leading website for ISA-95 Information, Training and Promotion. Here you’ll be informed about the latest News and Activities around the ISA-95 Standard.


The Concept is based on a free exchange of General, Technical and Commercial information. When there is a question anywhere in the world, ISA-95.com gives the answer.


The mission is to develop a platform for Knowledge Development and to create a Knowledge Community for all who are interested in ISA-95. ISA-95.com functions as an organization where Leading Suppliers, System Integrators and End Users work together. They all have something in common: they want to work according the International Standard ISA-95.

ISA-95 Community Member

Typical Community Members of ISA-95.com are people who would like to exchange General, Technical, and Business information about the ISA-95 standard.
All new Community Members are asked to indicate their skills and recent business / project experience with the ISA-95 standard.
This allows members to reach out and find other members who can provide advice, counsel, and opinions on ISA-95 related topics, including compliance, methodologies, solutions, applications, etc.
Experience data from first hand is often more worth than bulky reports!

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The contact with other ISA-95 Community Members and connected partners will save you time and money and it is for free.
You can always get in contact with someone who has finished a comparable successful project, or who can tell you the pitfalls.



Connected Partners

Exchange General, Technical and Business Information with our Connected Partners for free.


Associates are companies and institutes who are mainly busy with the implementing of products and/or services on the ISA-95 market.

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Technology Partners are leading manufacturing companies who are making their resources and products available to ISA-95 Community Members.



Knowledge Partners allow their knowledge and resources to be available to ISA-95 Community Members.

Knowledge partners are institutes whose primary goal includes developing, spreading and facilitating of knowledge and activities for the ISA-95.com target group. Knowledge Partners allow their knowledge and resources to be available to ISA-95 Community Members.


Contact us for more information about these partnerships.

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