ISA-95.01 Models & Terminology

Part 1 of ISA-95: “Enterprise Control System Integration 1: Models and terminology” (ANSI/ISA-95.00.01-2010 (IEC 62264-1 Mod))

This Part 1 standard provides standard models and terminology for describing the interfaces between the business systems of an enterprise and its manufacturing operations and control systems. The models and terminology presented in this standard:

  • Emphasize good integration practices of control systems with enterprise systems during the entire life cycle of the systems;
  • Can be used to improve existing integration capabilities of manufacturing operations and control systems with enterprise systems; and
  • Can be applied regardless of the degree of automation.

Specifically, this standard provides a standard terminology and a consistent set of concepts and models for integrating control systems with enterprise systems that will improve communications between all parties involved. Some of the benefits produced will:

  • reduce users’ times to reach full production levels for new products;
  • enable vendors to supply appropriate tools for implementing integration of control systems to enterprise systems;
  • enable users to better identify their needs;
  • reduce the costs of automating manufacturing processes;
  • optimize supply chains; and
  • reduce life-cycle engineering efforts.

This Part 1 standard is intended for those who are:

  • Involved in designing, building, or operating manufacturing facilities;
  • responsible for specifying interfaces between manufacturing and process control systems and other systems of the business enterprise; or
  • involved in designing, creating, marketing, and integrating automation products used to interface manufacturing operations and business systems.
  • involved in specifying, designing or managing product creation, movement and storage within manufacturing enterprises.

It is not the intent of this standard to:

  • suggest that there is only one way of implementing integration of control systems to enterprise systems;
  • force users to abandon their current methods of handling integration; or
  • restrict development in the area of integration of control systems to enterprise systems.

This Part 1 standard discusses the interface content between manufacturing-control functions and other enterprise functions, based upon the Purdue Reference Model for CIM (hierarchical form) as published by ISA. This standard presents a partial model or reference model as defined in ISO 15704.