ISA-95.03 Activity Models

Part 3 of ISA-95: “Activity Models of Manufacturing Operations Management”

ISA-95.03 defines production activities and information flows. Within production areas several activities are executed and a lot of information is exchanged. ISA-95 part 3 provides reference models for production activities, quality activities, maintenance activities and inventory activities. With these models you can make clear what is the actual situation within your company. E.g.: the following questions can be answered when using the

ISA-95.03 models:

  • Which department is responsible for which activities?
  • Which automation systems are responsible for which systems?
  • What is the focus of various projects within the company and are there gaps or overlapping responsibilities?
  • Which functionality is represented in more than one information system?
  • What are the boundaries between our automation systems?
  • What are our user requirements for the new system?
  • Which supplies is suitable, based upon our requirements?


ISA-95 part 3 provides terminology and a consistent set of models for the definition of activities that are aimed at the exchange and processing of production information. Usage of the standard can give you the following advantages:

  • Suppliers can develop suitable tools for production activities
  • End Users can identify their needs more easily
  • End Users can compare the solutions of different suppliers
  • You can develop a more complete definition of production activities and information within your / a company
  • You can make clear which automation systems are used within the production area and what is the exact responsibility of each system
  • End users can improve communication with suppliers, and with colleagues.
  • … and so on.