ISA-95 and XML

WBF XML Schema’s

In the year 2000 the World Batch Forum started an XML working group. The objective was to develop XML schemas based on the ISA-88 and ISA-95 standards. A lot of these XML schemas have already been published.

What is XML?

XML is a language for describing information. It is a new standard for the exchange of data, for publication of information and for integration of applications. In 1998 the World Wide Web Consortium decided that it would become a standard. XML makes structured elements available for automated processing. The main idea of XML is the separation of the contents of the document, the description of the structure and the presentation.

Practical Use

You can use XML for the integration of automation systems, for describing functional specifications, and for publication on the Internet or Intranet. For example: you could put actual, real time information about your production capacity on the Intranet, making this important information available to anyone in your company.

ISA-88: BatchML

BatchML is short for Batch Markup Language. It consists of some schemas, which are based on ISA-88 part one and two. It defines XML elements for Master Recipes, Control Recipes, Recipe building blocks, Equipment elements, Batch lists and Enumeration sets.

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	<Production Capability
		xmlns = “x-schema:WBF95ProductionCapabilityV00-20xdr”
		xmlns:s95 = “x-schema:WBF95CommonV00-20.xdr”>
	<s95:ID> Caspian Crude Oil Pipeline <s95:ID>
	<S95:CapabilityType> Committed </s95:CapabilityType>
	<S95:Reason> Available for Production </S95:Reason>
	<S95:Location> Tengiz-Atyrau Pipeline Segment</s95:Location>
	</Production capability>

Part of an XML document, based on ISA-95. The information is described between the ‘tags’ (< >) (for example Caspian Crude Oil Pipeline). The meaning of this information is described in tags (for example <S95:ID>).


B2MML is short for Business to Manufacturing Markup Language. It consists of some schemas based on ISA-95.02. B2MML implements the ISA-95 data models as XML schemas. The following schemas have been developed: B2MML-Common, B2MML- Personnel, B2MML-Equipment, B2MML- Maintenance, B2MML-Material, B2MML- ProcessCapability, B2MML-ProcessSegment, B2MML- ProductDefinitions, B2MML- ProductionSchedule, and B2MML-ProductionPerformance.

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